Senior Linux Administrator

Senior Linux Administrator

We are looking for a Senior Linux Administrator, who we believe should have at least 8 years of experience, various Linux distros. If hired, you will be working with Linux, it’s tools like LDAP integration, apache, bash, etc. and other extensions like Docker. You will be working with on-prem as well as cloud hosted Linux nodes. You must be highly technical and able to craft new solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

•  Linux server administration. Work with various Linux distros, perform day to day operations management as well as deep down troubleshooting. Setup backend tools like config management, monitoring, security and backups for Linux .
• 40% of your time will need to be spread over new projects and emerging areas e.g. AWS, Docker, infrastructure automation (chef/puppet), etc.
• 40% of your time will be spent administering existing installations, which includes VMware VMs, AWS instances, as well as custom high performance computing hardware, resolving issues and working collaboratively with other team members. It will be a mix of new project work, and recurring operational duties
• The rest of the time will be devoted to work planning, coordinating with geographically dispersed teams and exchanging communications with the end customer

 Required Skills:

•  Linux experience - The primary OS that you work with will be Linux. Your experience level should be such that you can perform advanced configuration and troubleshooting at OS level, can deal with management tools like backups, monitoring and patching.
• Experience with administering and deploying products and features on Linux. For example, you have setup iptables and understand how to troubleshoot it, and have dealt with LDAP integration, or samba.
• Below the OS knowledge - You have experience in managing hardware resources on the installation, e.g. mounting or expanding ISCSI LUNs, or VMWare infrastructure or the AWS platform.
• A strong plus will be breadth of experience i.e. you have done enough in networking, storage, backups, etc. areas to be able to approach projects and troubleshooting tasks with proper perspective.


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