Senior Systems and Cloud Administrator

Senior System Administrator

Stratogent builds and operates complex infrastructure - across on-premise, datacenters, and public clouds. We are seeking a Senior Systems and Cloud Administrator to power the growth we are experiencing. This is a great opportunity for someone with solid technical skills in backend infrastructure administration (Windows/Linux/VMWare/AWS/Azure).

Job Responsibilities

    • Hands on engineering work: The candidate must be highly technical and able to craft solutions, not just execute tasks defined by others. Windows (preferred) or Linux system administration as a baseline skill is needed, plus experience with AWS and/or Azure will be a strong plus. If you don't know something you must be able to pick it up on the job with support from colleagues
    • Technical analysis and design: You will need to analyze customer requirements, design new environments, and communicate with IT Directors, Architects and VPs across our customer base
    • Design for operations: Work to harden, enhance, document, establish process and generally improve the operability and supportability of our systems encompassing monitoring, security, data protection and devops practices
    • Technical communications: Some amount of time will be in "heads-up" activities like work planning, coordinating with geographically dispersed teams and exchanging communications with customer counterparts


Required Skills

    • Windows server experience - Your experience level should be such that you can perform advanced configuration and troubleshooting at OS level, can deal with enterprise grade AD domains, and have knowledge of special topics e.g. DFS, MS Clustering, Certificate authorities, etc.
    • Depth in at least one of VMWare, Azure, AWS, Exchange/O365 - For example, you have setup multiple vSphere hosts managed via vCenter and can troubleshoot advanced features like vMotion, DRS, etc. Or you understand cloud IaaS infrastructure very well on either AWS or Azure and can comfortably set up VPCs, spin up instances, work with IAM or Azure AD, etc.
    • A strong plus will be breadth of experience i.e. you have done enough in networking, storage, backups, monitoring, etc. areas to be able to approach projects and troubleshooting tasks with proper perspective.


Why work here 
We are an excellent fit for those who relish being at the center of attention! Here, you will not be an invisible part of some "internal IT department", but the very team that earns the revenue of Stratogent.
Work is fast and exciting because everybody gets a chance to work on several different customer environments and deal with multiple technology stacks. The room for growth as a technologist is plenty and your career path has multiple options. There is little hierarchy, zero politics and a "get things done" mindset. Work is truly challenging and high grade.

We offer excellent health, vision, dental and other standard benefits to keep you going!

This position is in San Mateo.  Please send resumes to:



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