Managed Services > Server Administration

 Windows Administration
  • OS installation, upgrades, uninstallation
  • Performance and tuning
  • Disks, volumes, partitions, file shares and permissions
  • Failover clustering
  • Network load balancing (NLB)
  • Powershell management scripts
Hardware Administration
  • Physical hardware components CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC cards of servers (either rack or blade form).
  • Enclosures and chassis components like management modules (e.g. UCS Manager), remote access controllers (e.g. DRAC)
  • Firmware and BIOS
Active Directory Administration
  • Domain Controller Promotion, Demotion
  • Ad Domain Services, Forests, Trees, Schema, Gc, Ops Master, Etc.
  • Ad Sites, Trust And Replication
  • Group Policy
  • Dhcp Server Role, Scopes And Database
  • Dns Server, Zones
  • Ad Certificate Services (Ca)
Virtualization Administration
  • Hypervisor, vRAM, vCPU
  • Datastores, virtual switch
  • VM Templates, snapshots
  • HA, vMotion
  • Management center: vCenter or VMM
Anti-Malware Administration
  • Central console Anti-Virus server, policies, and updates
  • System secuirty maintenance and signature updates e.g. virus, malware
  • Virus infection follow ups and removal
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