Rental Roost Press Release

Rental Roost, Inc. Chooses Industry Leading MSP to Manage and Monitor Infrastructure

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Stratogent Corporation (Stratogent), an IT Managed Services and 24x7 datacenter operations provider, today announced that Rental Roost, Inc. (, a technology solution that transforms the online real estate experience for renters, home buyers, and real estate professionals, has chosen Stratogent to manage and monitor its mission-critical applications and infrastructure 24x7.

"We needed a partner that understands our business and has the track record of working with Internet startups.  We also were looking for guidance on how to architect systems that would scale on-demand, while still being economical.  Finally, we wanted someone to own the responsibility of 24x7 operations and not have to ramp up and spend on IT staff," said Nitin Shingate at Rental Roost, Inc. "Stratogent convincingly demonstrated their ability to engineer and operate systems.  Moreover, I was impressed with their proven track record and strong referrals.  A few months into the service, we are glad we made this decision."

"Rental Roost (#rentalroost) is truly the jewel in our startup customer portfolio.  We were fortunate to be there from inception and have continuously met their demands reaching to their current scale, working shoulder-to-shoulder with their team members.  We are excited to serve the most promising and cutting-edge start-up in the real estate space.  We are proud to partner with them and continue to host and manage their systems at or above industry standards.  I look forward to working with their team and growing the relationship."

About Stratogent

Founded in 2005, Stratogent installs and operates backend computer systems in professional data centers, customer premises and the cloud.  We take care of the entire datacenter infrastructure including all the hardware, networking, security, operating systems, storage, databases, backups and disaster recovery.  

Companies such as BrightRoll, Omnicell, Pacer, and Solta Medical use Stratogent for datacenter and backend 24x7 operations.

Stratogent takes 100% responsibility for their systems, deliver 99.9% availability, afford you 85% relief in management overhead, and as much as 35% cost savings over traditional models.

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