Stratogent Office Expansion Press Release

Stratogent Corporation Announces Expansion of US and India Offices

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Stratogent Corporation (Stratogent), a 24x7 IT Infrastructure Operations and Cloud Managed Services provider, today announced that they have expanded their offices in both San Mateo, California and Bangalore, India.   

"We are excited to announce the expansion of both our US and India offices, at the same time," said Chetan Patwardhan at Stratogent. "2012 proved to be our best year to date and the constant growth in both offices demonstrates that best.  Our most notable achievement was a 160% increase in our client base, carrying over into the hiring of additional technical hands.  Such growth affords us the opportunity to expand our already vast array of knowledge and experience.  It also allows us to better serve our customers and opens greater access to fresh resources."  He added, "This growth is possible only because of our hard-earned customer trust and our reputation in the industry."

"The new facilities allow us to further improve our 24x7 NOC and operations," said Jishnu Mitra, President and CTO. "We are now well-poised to handle the growth we are experiencing and will be able to absorb new customers at the current pace of growth." 

"We have been working with Stratogent for many years and have enjoyed watching them grow steadily," said Jim Ward, CIO and Executive Vice President at Pacer International, a long-time Stratogent customer.  "We would like to wish them the best-of-luck as they continue to flourish in their new office space and look forward to enhancing our business partnership."

Stratogent's US offices have moved to 3 Waters Park Drive, Suite 200, San Mateo, CA 94402.  The India offices have moved to a larger space at the current address, the DBS House located at 26 Cunningham Rd. Bangalore, India 560052. 

About Stratogent

Stratogent is a privately held IT Managed Services Provider that devotes itself to managing and monitor mission-critical applications and infrastructure 24x7.  Stratogent installs and operates backend computer systems in professional data centers, customer premises and the cloud.  Stratogent offices in the USA and India take care of customers' entire datacenter infrastructure including all the hardware, networking, security, operating systems, storage, databases, backups and disaster recovery.  

Companies such as Pacer, Conviva, Solta Medical, Entelos, and Informedika use Stratogent for datacenter and backend 24x7 operations.

Stratogent takes 100% responsibility for their systems, deliver 99.9% availability, afford you 85% relief in management overhead, and as much as 35% cost savings over traditional models.

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