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Chetan Patwardhan, Advisor
Chetan advises Stratogent’s executive management team.  He brings over 20 years of broad experience in large companies and startups.  Chetan co-founded Stratogent and until recently, served as the CEO.  He grew Stratogent to a multimillion dollar profitable business. Before joining Stratogent, he led a medical practice management software company where he built next generation software with cutting edge UI.  Before that he spent almost a decade at Visa.  At Visa, he managed operations for VisaNet, one of the larger systems in the world.  Then in the role of Technology Strategy Manager, he was responsible for working with technology and business divisions across the globe and negotiate complex, multi-year deals with large technology vendors.  After that he directed Corporate Development, Advanced Technology and Strategic Investments.  In that role, he worked on technologies such as encryption, e-commerce/m-commerce, computing platforms, biometrics and payment methods.  He established alliances with enterprises like IBM, HP and Microsoft.  He was part of the captive venture arm at Visa that invested in companies like Yahoo and Verisign resulting in $1.2B in gain and 32.8X multiple with an IRR of 243.4%.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Economics, Bachelor’s degree in Law, Master’s degree in Marketing and MBA in International Business & Telecommunications Management.

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