Biotech Industry Solutions

Industry-specific cloud, security and informatics platforms.


The laboratory is where it all happens inside life science companies. Scientists are accustomed to certain industry specific apps set up in an IT environment that matches their practices. Data volumes are large, security is paramount and GxP compliance drives almost every decision.

Stratogent has years of experience working side by side with biotech and pharmaceutical IT departments to design, build and operate this highly specialized world of Lab IT.

Secured and micro-segmented lab network

Cloud integrated storage and backup for device data

Latency sensitive instrument data storage

AWS Biotech Blueprint rollout

Lab IT in-a-box deployment across sites

Cloud workspaces for securely connecting contractors and 3rd parties

Endpoint support for field sales

Remote access solutions for labs


It is normal for biotechs to engage an army of temporary staff from 3rd parties to fuel their growth.  CROs are commonplace, and they may access from remote networks and a plethora of global locations.  Traditional methods of provisioning and security fall short.  Stratogent deploys solutions that leverage public clouds and manages the 24×7 security, compliance and support requirements of 3rd party access. 


The capstone project in the biopharm space is the march to commercialization. Our clients need to move at warp speed during this phase and we stay with them every step of the way to build a solid platform that is well architected for operations and regulatory compliance. 

Manufacturing automation network design

New facility buildouts

URS and FRS support

IQ/OQ/PQ runs and re-qualifications

24x7 Net-, Sec- and Compliance- operations